The Threader Box T-02

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"The Threader Box" Model T-02

"The Threader Box" is a standard micro-slit fly box at an amazing price.  With a manageable size, you can hold two of these boxes in the upper chest pocket of an average fly-fishing vest.  Holds up to 235 flies. This fly box comes with 4 removable fly threaders.  These threaders work great in assisting you to tie smaller flies onto your leader.  You can even set up your flies on the threaders in advance of a fishing excursion.  Our fly box with built in removable fly threaders make this model a popular choice for many anglers.  Snap tight lid closure keeps your flies safe and sound.  This is a great fly box for small and medium sized nymphs, wets and dry flies.
Model T-02 with 4 Removable Fly Threaders (standard) = 4.75" x 3.75" x 1.125"
Holds up to 235 Flies