UPDATE: Coming to our Website!!

Hello Valued Customer:

Many of you may know us from the TRADE SHOW circuit we attend around New England and other parts of the country. At the fly shows we specialize in many fly fishing items including our awesome tungsten fly tying beads which you can buy on our site now.  We are planning to add more of these "fly show" items like accessories, fly boxes, tools, etc. on our website soon.

In ADDITION, we have a very strong presence at the conventional (Spin Fishing) & hunting trade show world as well! We offer hundreds of products during these shows at amazing prices. DUE TO YOUR DEMAND, we will be starting to offer that "show" product line-up on our website.  Please look under our "Trade Show Deals" category in the drop down menu.  Here we will offer you many of the items you have seen at the shows at the same amazing "CLOSEOUT/SHOW PRICING".  Check it out, we will continue to add more of these items as quick as we can. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!